Greenacres Hay Saving Feeders
Bottomless Silage Bunk
Cattle Hay Saving Feeder

Large Square Bale Feeder

Feed Bunks
5 ft
10 ft
15 ft

Our feeders are made from 7/8" solid steel rods, with double welded joints, reinforced corners and each joint is welded with 50,000 lb. tensile wire.

These feeders are designed so that a tractor can lift them easily, and they are sturdy enough to hold a 2000 pound bale while being lifted. 

We can modify the feeders to be used for any animal and they can be purchased painted or unpainted.

Customers have told us that they save at least 3 BIG Bales a month, and there is less hay in the manure you haul away in the spring
We stand behind our feeders and offer a ....... One year UNLIMITED warranty !!!!
No other feeder manufacturer offers this...If a feeder gets damaged beyond repair, in the first year, we will replace it.

Horse Feeder
Sheep/Goat Feeder

2 Ton Creep Feeder
Reinforced joint